Dissolved CO₂ Sensors
Dissolved CO2 Sensors

Dissolved CO₂ Sensors

In-line dissolved carbon dioxide monitoring for biotech, pharmaceutical and beverage manufacturing

Real-time Monitoring and Control of Dissolved CO2
Increase Cell Growth Rates in Biotech Applications

Designed to Meet Your Process and Regulatory Needs

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Short descriptionSensor for achieving control of fermentation processes in pharmaceutical and biotech industries
Accuracy± (10 % of the reading + 10 mbar)
Operating pressure0.2 ... 2 bar (3 ... 30 psia)
Mechanical temperature resistance– 20 ... 130°C (– 4 ... 266 °F)
Steam sterilizable and autoclavableYes
Cable ConnectionAK9
O2 selective membrane materiaPTFE / Silicone
Shaft diameter12 mm
Available lengths120 mm, 220 mm, 320 mm
CertificatesQuality certificate, Material certificate 3.1, Surface finish certificate 2.1
90% response time at 25°C (77°F)< 120 s
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Short descriptionSensor for monitoring carbonation levels for beer and soft drink quality control
Cable and connections5 pin, RS 485 data cable
CertificatesMaterial certificate 3.1, Final inspection certificate
Measurement range< 20s
Temperature compensationautomatic with built-in RTD
Membrane materialPTFE / Silicone (reinforced with steel mesh)


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Technical Information CO2 sensor for Breweries and Carbonated Soft Drinks

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Datasheets CO2 sensor for Breweries and Carbonated Soft Drinks

Thermal Conductivity CO₂ Sensor Proven, Intelligent, Convenient
InPro 5500i has been developed for in-line CO₂ measurements in brewery and carbonated soft drink processes.


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