Precision Balance XSR32001LDR - 32.1 kg / 6.4 kg capacity

Balance XSR32001LDR

Go Beyond Weighing. Excellence XSR Precision Balance solutions, 32.1 kg / 6.4 kg capacity, 1 g / 0.1 g readability, no draft shield, 4.3 inch capacitive colored touchscreen with modern user interface, integrated results notepad, StatusLight™ and LabX.

Maximum productivity

Reliable performance, ergonomic weighing processes and easy data transfer ensure you get the accurate results you want, quickly and efficiently.

Robust performance

These tough balances will give you accurate results under all weighing conditions.

Ergonomic operation

XSR balances are easy and comfortable to use, protecting your health and well being throughout your daily weighing tasks.

Specifications - Balance XSR32001LDR
Maximum Capacity 6.4 kg/32.1 kg
Readability 0.1 g; 1 g
Weighing Pan Dimensions (DxW) 280 mm x 360 mm
Linearity ± 300 mg
Repeatability (typical) 40 mg; 400 mg
Minimum Weight (USP, 0.1%, typical) 82 g
Repeatability (Test Weight) 80 mg; 600 mg (10 kg)
Settling Time 1.5 s
Dimensions (DxHxW) 412 mm x 122 mm x 360 mm
Adjustment Internal / proFACT Advanced
Balance Size (DxHxW) 412 mm x 122 mm x 360 mm
Battery operation No
Capacity 32,100 g
Display 4.5" color TFT touchscreen
Guaranteed Repeatability 100 mg
Linearity 300 mg
Preferred model Performance
Readability 100 mg
Terminal size 4.5 inch
User management / Audit Trail No
Weighing Pan Size ( DxW) or Diameter 360.00 mm x 280.00 mm
Material Number(s) 30316472

Fast and accurate results

The extraordinary stability provided by the new Monobloc™ load cell means you get your results back fast, even in challenging production environments.

Intuitive operation

"Swipe" menus and tasks, just like your smartphone. Create and save shortcuts to provide rapid access to your own weighing methods. Type in data using several fingers. Easy to operate, even through thick chemical resistant gloves.

Error-free data transfer

The results and task parameters are displayed on the results notepad. They can be transferred via USB to a PC or software application, quickly and error-free. LabX offers comprehensive data management.

All-round robustness

These tough balances not only have a robust construction, but also deliver high performance in even the toughest of weighing conditions such as a fume hood, alongside a production line, or in areas with high levels of people traffic.

Comfortable to operate

By placing the display at eye-level on the adjustable ErgoStand™ we save space and help promote good posture, eliminating excessive bending at the neck during extended periods using the balance.

Safe cleaning

XSR precision balances have been designed to withstand harsh chemicals, dust and dirt. Smooth surfaces and rounded edges make the whole balance easy to clean.


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Balance XSR32001LDR
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