Moisture Sample Handling Accessories
Moisture Sample Handling Accessories

Moisture Sample Handling Accessories

For reliable and accurate moisture determination results

Moisture accessories

What is SmartCal and how to use it? SmartCal™ is an innovative test substance that offers a fast and efficient way to verify moisture analyzer p...

What is SmartCal and how to use it?

SmartCal™ is an innovative test substance that offers a fast and efficient way to verify moisture analyzer performance. Testing your moisture analyzer regularly with SmartCal ensures that your measurements are reliable and fulfill the demands of your industry’s regulations. Select the integrated SmartCal method on the instrument, distribute the contents of the test sachet evenly over the sample pan and start the measurement. After ten minutes, you know if your instrument’s performance is satisfactory or not. METTLER TOLEDO offers standard and certified SmartCal options, as well as SmartCal StarterPacs.


Which accessories help to handle moisture samples correctly?

The key to correct moisture determination is a correct sample preparation and distribution. Samples need to be homogeneous and small, typically of a weight of no more than 3-5 g. Moreover, you sould always use clean and dry sample pans - METTLER TOLEDO aluminium sample pans ensure optimal conditions for moisture determination and glass fibre filters help with measuring moisture of liquid substances. Additionally, we offer textile cage for bulky samples (HA-Cage) and especially designed downholder, which ensures the samples remain in a correct position.

Sample Distribution

An evenly spread sample results in a homogeneous distribution of heat throughout the product being measured and the moisture can diffuse evenly out of the sample. 

  • Use the right sample volume (typically 3-5 g).
  • Always use the same amount of sample to achieve good repeatability.

Sample Preparation

The correct preparation of sample is key to reliable results. Therefore: 

  • Ensure even granulation (small and homogeneous particles)
  • If necessary, increase sample surface area by breaking up the sample
  • Mechanical crushing can be carried out e.g. using a mortar, grinder (water cooled) or simply by cutting

Sample Pans

Sample pans play a vital role in accuracy of the measurement.

  • Only use clean and dry sample pans for moisture determination.
  • Use sample pans only once. This guarantees reliable measurements free from the influence of residue remaining from previous samples.
  • For good results we recommend METTLER TOLEDO sample pans

Products and Specs

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Library Items

Guide to Moisture Analysis
The moisture guide provides information about the key points which are important for working with a moisture analyzer and obtaining best results.
Poster: Correct Usage of Aluminum Sample Pans
Aluminum sample pans play a vital role in the accuracy of the moisture content measurement. Follow the tips to prevent problems before they occur.
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