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    SevenExcellence pH Meter

    Professional Multi-Channel Meter with Touch Screen


    SevenExcellence™ stands for convenient, easy-to-understand operation combined with high measurement accuracy and outstanding flexibility. The operation of the instrument with its capacitive touch-screen and large 7 inch display is truly intuitive, reinforced by the availability of menus in 10 languages. The instrument can effectively cope with complex applications and stringent requirements in regulated markets, but it also provides added value for routine measurement tasks in the laboratory. The SevenExcellence™ series comes in different pre-configured models, but each of them can be modularly expanded at any time to add further measurement parameters.

    Included in every SevenExcellence:

    • uPlace™ electrode holder with the perfectly vertical uPlace™ movement helps you bring your electrode in the position where it works best for your sample. This allows for faster measurements and reduces the risk of the sample vessel tipping over or damaging the sensor.
    • LabX direct pH PC software for transferring real-time measurement data and archiving your results.

    Seven good reasons for SevenExcellence™:

    • Convenient touch screen operation – easy to learn, quick to work with
    • Menu guidance in 10 languages - user-friendly operation
    • Large, well arranged color display – information identifiable at a glance
    • Modularly expandable at any time – high flexibility
    • Many peripheral options – highly efficient
    • Intelligent sensors – peace of mind, eliminating mistakes
    • Comprehensive service offering, incl. EQPac – high uptime and compliance

    METTLER TOLEDO offers pH, ORP, conductivity, ion-selective and dissolved oxygen (DO) sensors. Find the best suited sensor for your application here:

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