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pH electrode InLab Reach Pro-425

Origin of Precision. A glass-body, combination pH electrode with integrated temperature probe, MultiPinTM head and 425 mm long shaft for general application.

Extended application range

The extra-long shaft allows measurements in deep vessels, barrels or pilot reactors.

Always the right temperature

The integrated temperature probe guarantees you always measure with the right temperature compensation.

ARGENTHALTM - For a long electrode life

The ARGENTHALTM reference system uses silver-ion-free electrolyte. Thereby is no danger of the junction becoming blocked by sulfides or proteins.

Specifications - pH electrode InLab Reach Pro-425
Measuring range pH 0 – 14
Temperature Range 0 °C – 100 °C
Connector MultiPin™
Type of junction Ceramic
Shaft Material Glass
Sensor Type Combined electrode
Shaft length 425 mm
Shaft Diameter 12 mm
Parameter pH
Reference System ARGENTHAL™ with Ag+-trap
Reference electrolyte 3 mol/L KCl
Membrane glass HA
Membrane resistance (25°C) < 600 MΩ
Temperature probe NTC 30 kΩ
For portable meter No
Maintenace-free No
Signal type Analog
Sample Large samples
Reference electrolyte Order no. 51343180
Material Number(s) 51343061


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pH electrode InLab Reach Pro-425
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