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pH electrode InLab Micro

Origin of Precision. A glass-body, micro combination pH electrode with S7 screw head. Ideal for measuring in very small vessels such as vials, micro plates and cuvettes.

Small shaft for small samples

The slim shaft diameter allows measurements of very small sample volumes.

ARGENTHALTM - For a long electrode life

Thanks to the ARGENTHALTM reference system's silver-ion-free electrolyte, there is no danger of the junction becoming blocked by sulfides or proteins.

Flexible connectivity

The S7 sensor head offers flexibility and can easily be connected to any meter.

Specifications - pH electrode InLab Micro
Measuring range pH 0 – 14
Temperature Range 0 °C – 80 °C
Connector S7
Type of junction Ceramic
Shaft Material Glass
Sensor Type Combined electrode
Shaft length 60 mm
Shaft Diameter 3 mm
Parameter pH
Reference System ARGENTHAL™ with Ag+-trap
Reference electrolyte 3 mol/L KCl
Membrane glass U
Membrane resistance (25°C) < 600 MΩ
Temperature probe No
For portable meter No
Maintenace-free No
Signal type Analog
Sample Small samples
Reference electrolyte Order no. 51343180
Material Number(s) 51343160


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pH electrode InLab Micro
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