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MP90 Melting Point System

Melting Point Determination at the Highest Level

Optimized for the most diverse tasks and the highest throughput. In addition to the many advantages offered by the Excellence Melting Point Systems – e.g. One Click™ and Video Recording – the MP90 has the following added advantages: 

  • Simultaneous measurement of up to 6 samples
  • Upgraded Specification
  • Upgraded Databases
  • A wide range of accessories
Specifications - MP90 Melting Point System
Temperature Range
RT – 400 °C
Number of One Clicks™
12 Per User
Application Type
Melting Point
Data Export
To SD Card or PC
Heating Rate (/min)
0.1 °C – 20 °C
Cooling time (300°C to 50°C)
6 min
Heating time (50°C to 300°C) (min)
Number of Capillaries (2)
6 Melting Point Capillaries
PDF Reports
Stored Methods
Stored Results
User Management
Multiple Users; Password Protection; Protection of Settings
Substances in database
color, 300 minutes
Material Number(s)
Simultaneous measurement of up to 6 samples 
A higher sample throughput is achieved with the simultaneous determination of up to 6 samples; together with the shorter heating and cooling times, much faster and cheaper measurements are now possible.
Upgraded Specification 
With the extended temperature range up to 400°C substances with higher melting points - e.g. the inorganic material potassium dichromate - can be measured.
Upgraded Databases 
The capacities of the databases in this instrument have been upgraded. The last 100 results are saved, even after switching off the instrument. The substance database can also accommodate up to 100 entries; and, there is capacity to store 60 measurement methods.
Wide range of accessories 
The MP90 is delivered with a wide range of accessories. All come in an accessories box, containing: reference substances, tweezers, a double spatula, melting point capillaries, mortar and pestle and 5 innovative sample preparation tools.


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MP90 Melting Point System
Efficiency at the highest level. The MP90 is optimized for the highest throughput.


Material No.: 21901297

VPac™ Performance Verification

Material No.: 30097033


Melting Point Performance Verification

VPac™ Performance Verification

Material No.: 30097033

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MP90 Melting Point System
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