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MP70 Melting Point System

The Best Choice for Maximum Flexibility

Added possibilities via optimal visual observation. In addition to the many advantages offered by the Excellence Melting Point Systems – e.g. One Click™ and video recording – the MP70 has the following added advantages: 

  • Color video
  • Manually set evaluation points
  • Export possibilities
  • Internal databases
Specifications - MP70 Melting Point System
Temperature Range
RT – 350 °C
Number of One Clicks™
12 Per User
Application Type
Melting Point
Data Export
To SD Card or PC
Cooling time (300°C to 50°C)
5.5 min
Heating time (50°C to 300°C) (min)
Number of Capillaries (2)
4 Melting Point Capillaries
PDF Reports
Stored Methods
Stored Results
User Management
Multiple Users; Password Protection; Protection of Settings
Substances in database
color, 300 minutes
Max. Number of Methods
Material Number(s)
Color videos 
High-resolution color videos allow you to investigate the melting effects of colored and/or decomposing substances. This is advantageous for the research and the development of fine and specialty chemicals and for the characterization of new pharmaceutically active substances.
Manually set evaluation points 
The Set-buttons afford the possibility of manually setting up to two evaluation points. Allowing for the investigation of temperatures from other characteristic sample events, such as meniscus point, volume changes or thermochromic transitions.
Export possibilities 
The MP70 Melting Point System allows you to very simply archive results. MS Excel readable intensity data and standard AVI video is saved directly to an SD-card, to be read directly from your computers. Unlimited measurement videos can be archived and examined later with commonly available software. Furthermore, all measurement protocols can be saved as PDF data.
The instrument contains a database of up to 5 reference substances. Additionally, up to 20 user defined methods can also be stored in the database. Coupling methods and reference substances, allows measurements to be totally automated, from the conformity checks through to printing the results.


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MP70 Melting Point System
Strong performance. The MP70 is the ideal choice for melting point and melting range determinations.


Material No.: 21901297

Melting Point Accessory Box

Material No.: 51142599

VPac™ Performance Verification

Material No.: 30097033


Melting Point Performance Verification

VPac™ Performance Verification

Material No.: 30097033

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MP70 Melting Point System
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