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PTA455 Pallet Scales

PTA455 Pallet Scales

The next generation of pallet floor scales

PTA455 Pallet Scales

Products and Specs

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Products and Specs
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Maximum Capacity
Readability Approved
Material No.: 22012420
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Material No.: 22012418
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Maximum Capacity150 kg / 300 kg
Readability Approved50 g / 100 g
Material No.: 22012421
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Material No.: 22012419
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Maximum Capacity150 t / 300 kg / 600 kg
Readability Approved50 g / 100 g / 200 g


  • Weighing Range
    300kg, 600kg, 1500kg, 3000kg
  • Dimensions (Length x Internal Width)
    Standard: 1260 x 840mm
    Free Size: 500-1260 x 450-1000mm
  • Resolution
    Standard: 1x3000e SingleRange
    Option: 2x3000e MutliRange,  3x3000e MutliRange, 2x3000e MultiInterval or 1x6000e SingleRange.
  • Strain gauge technology
    4 measuring cells guarantee precise weighing results.
  • Plug`n weigh
    The measuring cells together with the integrated A/D-converter allow a problem-free connection of all ID-operating terminals.
  • IP-protection
    The whole weighing platform fulfills the protection IP65 and is suitable for the use in a dry environment.
  • Material
    Hot galvanized scale with its scratch resistance surface guarantees reliable service for many years. 
  • Cleaning and servicing
    Thanks to the open design, the cleaning and the servicing of the pallet scale is very easy.
  • Options
    Handle, leg width, wheel set, attachable loadplate, cable IDNet/analog in various length.
  • Full approved complete scale
    Base version PTA455 + base version ICS 425 = 2nd step approved scale, directly to the customer.
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