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PFA779lift-D300 Hinged Plate Floor Scale

The distinctiveness of the PFA779lift weighing platform is its hygienic design.
Thanks to hermetically welded special section tubes, contaminations have no chance to collect inside the scale. The measuring cell cables are laid in the scale’s interior and tightened by screwed cable glands.
The clever design around the measuring cell fixation enables detection of potential contamination spots and facilitates cleaning even in badly accessible areas. All moveable bearings are sealed by synthetic seals which avoid hidden dirt or even crevice corrosion.
Specifications - PFA779lift-D300 Hinged Plate Floor Scale
Maximum Capacity 150 kg / 300 kg
Readability 20 g
Readability Approved 50 g / 100 g
Scale material stainless steel AISI304
Size 1250 x 1000 mm
Height 80 mm
Load plate material stainless steel AISI304
Degree of protection IP68
Suitable indicators Safe area: ICS4_ _, ICS6_ _, IND560, IND690, IND780, IND890,... Cat 3GD: IND560xx, IND690xx, IND780xx
Hazardous area approval PFA779lift: Cat 3GD
Material Number(s) 22020633



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PFA779lift-D300 Hinged Plate Floor Scale
Hazardous Area
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