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IND890 PC Weighing Terminal

IND890 Windows-based Terminals

Intelligent weighing and flexibility to support industrial weighing applications

IND890 Windows-based Terminals

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Material No.: 22019983
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Product Brochures

Case Studies

Accurate and Traceable Weighing
Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products are under pressure to ensure consistent quality and meet legal regulations. Our GWP for Pharma Case Study Col...
When Safety is Critical: Asiatic Agricultural Industries Converts to EX (Weighing Equipment for Hazardous Areas)
Businesses grow. Weighing equipment should be adaptable to change and grow with it. This can be particularly important when plants modernize. Employee...
Precision Weighing for Competitive Advantage
Download our new comprehensive collection of case studies about automated filling machines from 0.1 milligrams to 1,500 kilograms.
Massive Scale Weighs Four Rail Cars Simultaneously
To ensure the safety of its heavy rail transport, a mining operation in Australia needed more than a standard rail scale. For maximum efficiency, this...


Engineering Note
Engineering note providing a step by step guideline for establishing basic connectivity to Siemens and Allen-Bradley PLC-Systems for functionally test...
Compliant Packaging with Scales
Ship bulk goods exactly, verify product packages for intactness and print labels. Weighing technology can help you fulfill customer orders accurately....
Application Note: Counting Solutions for Lean Production
Verify production quantities with easy-to-use and fail-safe weighing solutions.

Extended Product Information

Traceability for Process Improvement and Compliance
The ability to track and trace raw materials, ingredients and products through all stages of production and distribution is vital for consumer’s safet...
Food Safety with Hygienic Design
Avoid contamination - hygienically designed equipmentMETTLER TOLEDO heeft de juiste oplossingen om u te helpen de voedselveiligheid te verbeteren en t...


Features and Benefits
Connection unlimitedPC Weighing Terminals, which support Windows-based applications, can be configurated with a multitude of different interfaces. The integration into Ethernet- and Profibus-Networks can be done easily for transmitting application data into ERP or PLC systems.
Scalable performanceModularity is the basic principle of Windows-based Application Terminals. This applies especially to electronic components, which can be selected on performance and price to meet the specified requirements.
Material/IP ProtectionPowerful, dependable, industrial quality made of stainless Chrome-Nickle-steel DIN X5 CrNi1810.
Complete IP69K protection suitable for harsh production environment.
Invision Scale
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