MP50 Melting Point System - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

MP50 Melting Point System - Discontinued Product

Simply to the point

Everything you need for the simple, automatic determination of melting points. Simultaneous determination of up to 4 samples, statistical analysis, printable results. The MP50 is the ideal starter model and offers far more than can be expected from a standard melting point device: 

  • One Click™ melting point
  • VGA Color Touch Screen
  • Video recording
  • Playback on the instrument

Discontinued since: Oct, 2016

Replaced with: MP55 Melting Point System

Simply to the point

Everything needed for the simple and automatic determination of melting point and slip melting point. The MP55 is the ideal starter model and offers far more than can be expected from a standard melting point device:

  • Simultaneous determination of up to 3 melting point/ melting range or 2 slip melting point samples
  • VGA color touch screen
  • Video recording
  • Compact printer

Accessories - MP50 Melting Point System

Accessory Boxes

Melting Point Accessory Box

Material No.: 51142599

USP Melting Point Accessory Box

Material No.: 30312725

Melting Point Certified Reference Standards

Phenyl salicylate

Material No.: 30034252


Material No.: 18870


Material No.: 51143093

Benzoic acid

Material No.: 18555


Material No.: 30130597


Material No.: 30130598


Material No.: 51143091

Sodium acetate

Material No.: 30130599

Potassium nitrate

Material No.: 51143095

Sodium methanesulfonate

Material No.: 30130610

Melting Point Performance Verification

VPac™ Performance Verification

Material No.: 30097033

Specifications- MP50 Melting Point System

Specifications - MP50 Melting Point System
Connection to a Barcode Reader Yes (USB)
Connection to a Printer USB-P25 Compact Printer
Cooling time from Tmax 6.5 minutes
GLP-conform protocol Yes
Heating rate 0.1 to 20 °C per minute
Heating time up to Tmax 4 minutes
Languages German, English
Norm conformity European Pharmacopeia (Ph.Eur.) 2.2.60 / United States Pharmacopeia (USP) / Japanese Industry Standard (JIS) K 0064 / ASTM D1519
Number of capillaries Up to 4
Number of permanently stored results Last 10
One Click™ (short cuts) Max. 12
Optional IQ/OQ availability Yes
Temperature range RT up to 300 °C
User Identification Yes
Video Gray-scale video, >6x magnification
Video run time 30 minutes
Material Number(s) 51142501
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