Chemical Synthesis Beyond the Round Bottom Flask - METTLER TOLEDO
White Paper

Chemical Synthesis Beyond the Round Bottom Flask

White Paper

New Experimental Techniques in Organic Synthesis

Learn About New Experimental Techniques Chemists Are Using To Upgrade Round Bottom Flasks

The free white paper - Chemical Synthesis Beyond the Round Bottom Flask - looks at the new experimental techniques chemists are using to upgrade their round bottom flasks and reviews:

  • How to turn the hassle of using and maintaining ice baths into a simple way to select and maintain temperature
  • Ways to have your reactions supervised at any time of the day or night
  • How syntheses can become more repeatable

While analytical technologies that support the synthesis laboratory have changed dramatically, chemical synthesis itself has remained largely unchanged for over fifty years. A new type of approach is now helping chemists redefine the way that chemical syntheses are researched and performed.

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