Family Flyer CPI Low-maintenance pH-Electrodes - METTLER TOLEDO
Product Brochure

Family Flyer CPI Low-maintenance pH-Electrodes

Product Brochure

The advanced technology and design of our pH electrodes and housings ensure exact and stable measurement values in every application, whether in biotechnology, the food industry or the most challenging chemical processes.

pH electrodes with gel or solid polymer electrolytes are outstanding for their long service life and need practically zero maintenance. They greatly reduce costly process downtimes.

Our retractable housings meet the strictest hygiene and operational safety standards, and allow direct access to the electrode without costly process downtimes.

Certificates are provided which verify that our products will live up to the very highest expectations. These serve to reduce the administrative effort needed for process documentation. We supply appropriate certificates for specific applications in the biotech, food and pharmaceutical industries, e.g. EHEDG, biocompatibility, FDA-approved materials, as well as for applications in the chemical industry, e.g. ATEX /FM, certification in line with PED guidelines (European Pressure Equipment Directive).


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