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On Demand Webinar

Sustainability in the Grocery Marketplace

On Demand Webinar
This on-demand webinar provides information on the state of the food retail industry in relation to sustainability. The webinar explores where the sector is today – and which role it can play in encouraging efforts to further improve sustainability.
20 minutes

The sustainability discussion reached mainstream society long ago. Companies are aware of their economic, environmental and social responsibilities. Consumers are making purchasing decisions based on sustainability considerations. An increasing number of people are adapting their lifestyles and consumption patterns in pursuit of a ‘more sustainable’ life. And nowhere do consumers make more purchasing decisions than in the supermarket, which fulfills their daily basic needs.

How sustainably does my company operate? How sustainable is my product range? The topic of sustainability presents food retailers with both a challenge and an opportunity. In an environment so profoundly competitive as the grocery sector, sustainability can become a branding tool and help to create competitive edge.

This webinar is based on findings presented in the white paper: Sustainability in the Grocery Marketplace. To download your free copy of the white paper, visit

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