Good Titration Practice™ Polyols and Polymers - METTLER TOLEDO
On Demand Webinar

Good Titration Practice™ Polyols and Polymers

On Demand Webinar
Polyols and resins are becoming more and more relevant in our lives. Not only used for making polymers, polyols see more use in construction materials, paints and bonding. Titration is commonly used to quantify key characteristics of polyols which vary as much as their intended use. Learn the best method parameters, equipment and tips and tricks for polyol analysis with the Good Titration Practice of Polyols webinar.

35 minutes

The Good Titration Practice™ of Polyols Webinar is designed to offer optimal method parameters for a variety of titrations common to the polyols industry. The webinar also offers valuable tips and tricks for obtaining the best titration results and to ensure your instrument and titration components are properly cleaned and maintained.

Key applications discussed:

  • NCO (isocyanate) content
  • Hydroxyl value
  • Acid and base values
  • Epoxide and Amine Values
  • Water content


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