20-minutes Webinar - Hazardous-Area Protection Methods ¦ METTLER TOLEDO
On Demand Webinar

Hazardous-Area Protection Methods

On Demand Webinar

Accidents in hazardous areas can have dramatic consequences for businesses in terms of both human life and profit.

When selecting the right weighing equipment for potentially explosive areas, one important consideration that must be taken is the appropriate method of ignition protection.

This new 20-minute webinar provides guidance on ignition protection methods, including:

  • Relevant protection methods for hazardous areas.
  • The principles of intrinsic safety, one of the safest and most versatile protection methods
  • Weighing-application examples in hazardous areas
20 minutes
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Dr. Eva Rueba
Market Manager
Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries

Tobias Woelfing
Segment Marketing Specialist
Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries


  • Explosion Protection Basics
  • Ignition Protection Types
  • Intrinsic Safety Basics
  • Weighing Solutions for Hazardous Areas
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