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X-ray Inspection of Frozen Burger Patties - Frequently Asked Questions

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Enhance Product Safety and Integrity with the X39 X-ray Inspection System

The X39 x-ray inspection system is specifically designed to inspect frozen-formed burger patties, including meat, poultry, fish and vegetables. This unique x-ray system offers enhanced levels of physical contamination detection and product integrity verses alternative x-ray systems. However, frozen-formed product inspection can prove challenging for burger patty manufacturers due to the unique type of application.

This article answers some of the most frequently asked questions:

How many production lanes can be inspected at any single time and what is required from me to ensure the inspection process is reliable?

The X39 is capable of successfully inspecting and rejecting products in up to 7 unguided lanes. The x-ray system works in conjunction with other production line machinery to ensure that the final product is of the highest standard possible.

Product presentation to the X39 needs to be of the highest possible standard no matter if the product is directly coming from the freezer or the transfer conveyor. This is a crucial part to ensure reliable product inspection and to avoid costly false product rejects. If the product presentation is not of a predefined standard, the product reject rate will increase and the X39 is capable of diagnosing upstream production line issues and notify the operator where the issue lays e.g. portioning or freezer stage.

What happens to the rejected products and how are they sorted?

Installing the X39 x-ray system at an appropriate point in the production line ensures any burger patties that are contaminated and/or non-conforming due to poor product integrity such as flakes, holes and dents are quickly and effectively removed from production before further value is added during the process.

A multi-nozzle air blast or a failsafe reject flap, across multiple lanes, ensures that defective product is rejected before the re-work process takes place. Non-conforming products are then ground up and re-inspected, often by using a bulk flow x-ray system or metal detection device. Following re-grind the product it then begins the process again to turn into burger patties, minimising product waste, saving costs and improving overall productivity.

Can x-ray inspection equipment support my internal quality needs e.g. provide reports, overall equipment effectiveness data etc.

X-ray inspection systems are designed with various criteria in mind, meeting manufacturers audit requirements and their quality requirements is towards the top of the list. Assisting manufacturers to meet industry standards is as important to Safeline X-ray as it is to the manufacturer which is why our systems support compliance with HACCP programmes, local and national regulations, and GFSI Standards e.g. BRC and IFS, helping manufacturers to meet the demands of leading retailer codes of practice.

A flexible approach to connectivity is offered with the X-Series of x-ray inspection systems including multiple options for data retrieval via an external USB or internal Ethernet ports. This flexibility allows manufacturers to have access to full statistics for quality reporting, including OEE and the ability to view stored images of all rejected products (with time and date stamp) in the way that best suits their production environment.

Is it possible for the system to withstand regular high pressure wash-downs which are typical for this segment and how easy is it to gain access to all areas that require cleaning?

Hygienic design principles have been applied throughout the system which comes with an IP69 rating as standard, making it ideal for harsh wash-down environments. An open frame design offers easy access to all machine areas for thorough cleaning including the key product contact areas which are constructed using 316 stainless steel.

Angled surfaces and easy belt removal assists manufacturers with meeting the demands of high pressure wash-down environments and supports thorough system cleaning requirements. Good system design helps food manufacturers meet HACCP programme requirements and comply with industry standards.

What makes the X39 x-ray inspection solution unique?

Most manufacturers will claim to have a unique x-ray solution but many would find it difficult to make this statement when specifically discussing a system designed to meet the unique demands of frozen formed burger patty manufacturers. The X39 is a truly unique offering which inspects products for contamination whilst simultaneously checking for product flakes, dimensions and complete integrity to ensure that the final product meets standards expected by the consumer and the cooking demands of major fast food chains.

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