Smart Assembly Workplace: Enable Highest Picking Quality
Know How

Smart Assembly Workplace: Enable
Highest Picking Quality

Know How

Whenever completeness matters, weighing is a simple and
reliable solution for quality control.

Manual picking and assembling operations are prone to errors and require many control steps either during or after the assembly process - or the use of smart equipment to avoid these inaccuracies.

Main pain points production faces with manual workplaces

The five main pain points production managers face are:

  • Operator picks wrong number of parts
  • Operator picks from wrong bin
  • Operator returns parts into wrong bin
  • Items and parts can go missing
  • Operator runs out of parts during production process

METTLER TOLEDO has the technology for system integrators that build manual workstations to create a smart solution. Smart assembly workplaces can solve these pain points and be used to accurately verify the picking quality.

You can verify if an operator picks from the right bin. This assures the correct items are assembled, which is especially important when almost identical parts are used in a component. Further, you can verify if an operator picks the right amount of parts. In case an operator picks too many items, you can then verify if the operator returns the parts to the right bin and verify if the right amount is returned. Also, ensure items per bin do not go missing by mistake.

Weighing is also a great solution for inventory control. Weighing sensors are perfect tools to remotely monitor inventory levels. Find out more at

Smart Assembly Workplace with Weigh Modules
Smart Assembly Workplace with Weigh Modules
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