Success Story: INGOLD Products Reduce Waste and Increase Productivity - METTLER TOLEDO

Success Story: INGOLD Products Reduce Waste and Increase Productivity

The InPro3300 ISFET electrode has proven to be the best solution. Since its initial installation, Glanbia Foods has not had to scrap a single batch due to pH sensor failure or breakage.
The Dairy industry’s requirements for analytical instrumentation are driven by quality, safety and hygienic considerations. METTLER TOLEDO understands these requirements and met them head on to provide process solutions to Glanbia Foods resulting in reduction of product waste and increased productivity.
Quality and safety as driving forces
In-line analytical measurement for the Dairy industry is vital to ensure optimal productivity and quality of its products. Measurements of pH, conductivity and turbidity are just a few of the important control parameters to monitor during cheese production processes. The USA cheese-making facilities of Glanbia Food expressed interest in trying out METTLER TOLEDO sensors for measuring these two parameters.

Glanbia Foods Inc., USA
Glanbia Foods, Inc. is a division of Glanbia plc, an international food company headquartered in Kilkenny, Ireland. Glanbia Foods is one of the largest producers of cheese and whey products in the United States. In southern Idaho, the company operates two cheese plants, including one for barrel (American-style) cheese, and two separate whey plants. Together these plants use 10.3 million pounds of milk every day, produce 390 million pounds of cheese and 108 million pounds of dairy ingredients annually. To realize improvements in process control, METTLER TOLEDO successfully tested and implemented two individual measuring loops for the customer, one loop incorporating the pH sensor InPro 3300, the other, for conductivity measurement based on the sensor InPro7108-TC. Each loop was tested independently at a single, separate cheese facility.

Impact of pH / temperature measurement
As we have seen, timely and accurate pH and temperature measurement in the production of cheese are critical parameters for Glanbia Foods. As cheese is produced in large, time-consuming processes, failure of pH and temperature measurements can result in scrapping entire batches, resulting in losses of $40,000 to $60,000. It was decided to carry out relative tests with latestdesign pH sensors at one of the cheese facilities……
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