Thermometric Titration of Acid Number - METTLER TOLEDO
Live Webinar

Thermometric Titration of Acid Number

Live Webinar

This webinar shows technical insights of Thermometric Titration of Acid Number and its applications. Furthermore, we will compare the Potentiometric method ASTM D664 with the newest Thermometric ASTM D8045, pointing out advantages of the new Thermometric AN technique.

Join us for the Webinar Thermometric Titration of Acid Number

Based on the new ASTM D8045 thermometric acid number (AN) standard, this test method covers the determination of acidic components in crude oil and petroleum products including waxes, bitumen, base stocks and asphalts. Furthermore, the current Acid Number Analysis takes 15min, with this new technique and new Thermotrode the procedure takes now less than 2min.

In this webinar we explain important terms and

  • Introduce the Acid Number and Thermometric titration
  • Show the thermometric titration of AN, according to ASTM D8045
  • Introduce the METTLER TOLEDO Thermotrode™
  • Show feedback from beta-tests of different samples


40 min
Tue Jul 10 2018 09:00 +0200 [ English ]
Tue Jul 10 2018 16:00 +0200 [ English ]
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