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Recent Talks on Particle Engineering

Live Webinar
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This free digital event on June 17 comprises of three recent presentations, which share best practices and trends around the optimization and control of particle processes, including crystallization.

Recent Talks on Particle Engineering
Recent Talks on Particle Engineering


  • Modeling & Feedback Control of Batch & Continuous Crystallization Systems
    Professor Zoltan Nagy - Purdue University

  • Nucleation & Growth Kinetics for Combined Cooling & Antisolvent Crystallization in an MSMPR System - Estimating Solvent Dependency
    Jennifer Moffitt Schall - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Reactive Crystallization and Recrystallization for Energetic Material
    Matthew Jorgensen - Nalas Engineering

During this live stream, a technology and application expert will be online to answer your questions live.

Ulrich Schacht, PhD - METTLER TOLEDO
2 hours
Wed Jun 17 2020 13:00 +0000 [ English ]

If you are unable attend the live event, register to receive links to the on-demand presentations.

Your Online Seminar Presenters

Dr. Zoltan Nagy - Purdue University
Dr. Zoltan Nagy is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University. He joined Purdue in fall 2012 from Loughborough University, UK, where he was a Professor of Process Systems Engineering and Director of the Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering Research Centre. Dr. Nagy has over 20 years of experience in advanced process control, process analytical technologies (PAT), crystallization modeling and control approaches and advanced control of particulate systems. His current research focuses on the application of systems approaches and tools in the design and robust control of batch and continuous crystallization systems, PAT and integrated particulate manufacturing processes. He has authored more than 180 journal papers and is the co-author of 2 books. He has given over 250 invited seminars at conferences, universities and companies worldwide. Dr. Nagy is the Founding Editor of the Pharmaceutical Engineering Subject area of Chemical Engineering Research and Design, and associate editor of four other international journals in the area of process control. Dr. Nagy is member of the American Association for Crystallization Technologies, and the Crystallization Working Party of the European Federation of Chemical Engineers. He received awards and best paper prizes in the areas of crystallization and control.

Jennifer M. Schall - MIT
Jennifer Moffitt Schall is an NSF Graduate Fellow at MIT, where she is pursuing both a PhD in Chemical Engineering and an MBA. In the Myerson Group, she studied antisolvent crystallization kinetics, focusing on how solvent mixtures play a role in crystal growth and nucleation rates. Prior to MIT, Jennifer earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering with an emphasis on polymer science from Clemson University. She also spent three years working at Eastman Chemical Company researching crystallization and filtration as part of the Separations Engineering Research group.

Matthew Jorgensen – Nalas Engineering
Matthew Jorgensen is the Director of Engineering at Nalas Engineering. He earned his BS in Biochemistry from Connecticut College, and MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Rhode Island. After working for Pfizer for 13 years, Matthew joined Nalas in 2010. At Nalas, he leads a team of chemical engineers who leverage kinetics, thermodynamics, and modeling to develop process understanding and optimization for successful scale-up.

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