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Process Chemistry Insights With Data-Rich Experimentation

Seminar Training
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Featuring presenters from Boehringer-Ingelheim, AbbVie, and the University of California-Merced, this free online event is for Process Chemists and Chemical Engineers interested in learning more about how data-rich experimentation has a direct impact on the delivery of stable, scalable, and consistent processes. Each presenter will share data-rich examples that influenced their work and what it means for the future of development laboratories.

Process Chemistry Insights With Data-Rich Experimentation
Process Chemistry Insights With Data-Rich Experimentation


  • API Development using Continuous Flow Technology
    Dr. Frederic Buono - Boehringer-Ingelheim

  • New Radical Reactions Enabled by In Situ Monitoring
    Professor Ryan Baxter - University of California - Merced

  • Process Development and Kinetic Understanding
    Eric Moschetta, Ph.D. - AbbVie, Inc.

Each talk will be followed by a live Q&A session with the presenter.

Will Kowalchyk, Ph.D. - METTLER TOLEDO
2 Hours
Wed Jan 23 2019 15:00 +0100 [ English ]

Presentations will include how process chemistry researchers achieve:

  • Higher Chemical Efficiency
  • Increased Process Robustness
  • Improved Product Quality
  • Safer Operability
  • Lower Costs
  • Reduced Energy Consumption

Who Should Attend?
Process Chemists and Chemical Engineers working in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries as well as in Academic Research.

There is no cost to attend but registration is required and space is limited.

Unable To Attend?
If you are interested but unable to attend, please complete the registration.  All registrants will receive the on-demand presentations shortly after the live event via email.

Your Online Seminar Presenters

Presenter: Dr. Frederic Buono - Boehringer Ingelheim

Frederic Buono has 13 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry.  In his current role as a Senior Principal Scientist at Boehringer Ingelheim, he is leading, developing and implementing continuous flow technology for several projects from gram to multi-kilogram scale process, by using in situ monitoring techniques, kinetic studies and modeling for process optimization.  Dr. Buono is originally from France, where he earned his PhD in organic chemistry and chemical engineering degree from “Ecole Centrale de Marseille”. He then moved to England to do his postdoctoral under supervision of Pr. D. Blackmond, where he works in the area of physical organic chemistry and where he developed several kinetic models of mechanism of organic reactions.  Dr. Buono started his pharmaceutical career in the Process Group of Bristol-Myers Squibb. 

Process Chemistry Insights With Data-Rich Experimentation
Frederic Buono - Boehringer-Ingelheim
Process Chemistry Insights With Data-Rich Experimentation
Professor Ryan Baxter - University of California - Merced

Presenter: Ryan Baxter, Ph.D. - University of California - Merced

Professor Baxter earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison performing research in the laboratory of Professor Sam Gellman.  He earned his Masters and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan while studying the kinetics of nickel-catalyzed reductive couplings with Professor John Montgomery.  He then performed postdoctoral research with Professors Donna Blackmond and Phil Baran at the Scripps Research Institute.  During this time, he was involved in the development of sulfinate radical precursors for heterocycle functionalization.  He also investigated the mechanism of palladium-catalyzed olefinations in collaboration with Professor Jin-Quan Yu.  During his independent career, Professor Baxter’s lab has developed new synthetic methods using radical chemistry from inexpensive or renewable radical precursors.  His lab often relies on in situ reaction monitoring to streamline reaction development and discover new modes of reactivity.

Presenter: Eric Moschetta, Ph.D - AbbVie

Eric Moschetta obtained his BSE in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Penn State under the guidance of Rob Rioux, studying kinetics and thermodynamics of liquid-phase interactions that are fundamental to organometallic catalytic mechanisms. He then moved onto postdoctoral work at Georgia Tech with Chris Jones and Ryan Lively, emphasizing molecularly-structured materials for liquid-phase catalysis, CO2 capture, and separations. While at Georgia Tech, Eric was part of the Center for Selective C–H Functionalization (CCHF), an NSF-funded center for cross-functional collaboration among chemists and engineers to drive innovations in C–H functionalization chemistry. He worked closely with Huw Davies’ group at Emory University to design hollow fiber reactors for heterogeneous catalytic reactions, including C–H functionalizations, in flow. In 2016, he joined AbbVie and is currently a senior scientist in the Center for Reaction Engineering as a Center of Excellence within Process R&D. His current research interests include continuous flow processing, kinetic modeling, photochemistry, and antibody drug conjugates.

Process Chemistry Insights With Data-Rich Experimentation
Eric Moschetta - AbbVie
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