Invitation to visit METTLER TOLEDO at the VDMA Virtual Battery Exhibition - METTLER TOLEDO
Trade Show Exhibition

Invitation to visit METTLER TOLEDO at the VDMA Virtual Battery Exhibition

Trade Show Exhibition

We have moved online - Discover new ideas and latest innovations for increased battery quality

Let the METTLER TOLEDO experts guide you through weighing solution, which can significantly increase the quality of modern battery cells. From starting materials to a high-quality product, a battery has to run through up to 25 production steps, which lay the foundation for highest performance. METTLER TOLEDO supports you to provide consistency and traceability. Meet us online and discuss from the comfort of your desk or home office how we can help you solve your production and application challenges.

  • Avoid expensive waste
    Expensive raw materials represent up to 60% of overall cell production costs. Weighing is used because it is the most accurate method of meeting high process tolerances for consistency in formulation and avoid expensive waste.

  • Enable safety
    After the electrodes are stacked, weighing is the solution for electrolyte filling. Even if it is possible to control the electrolyte flow, the accuracy of high-precision weighing devices can ensure 100% quality control.

  • Provide highest quality
    Missing or hidden parts, that may fall into the module by accident could cause a fire and destroy it. This can be prevented by using a high-resolution scale for a completeness check, which even eliminates detection issues linked to shiny surfaces.
  • Talk to us about your upcoming projects
  • See the very latest in automated weighing technologies
  • Book an appointment and discuss your specific application
  • Discuss your Industry 4.0 requirements

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