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Weight based bottle filling machine, dispensing and dosing controllers, balances and scales for automated processes


Filling Machine with High Performance

Filling machine benefits are endless, providing fast and precise results, making them a necessity in any successful industrial environment that ...

Filling machine benefits are endless, providing fast and precise results, making them a necessity in any successful industrial environment that involves bottling equipment. When filling bulk containers, totes, drums or big bags, you need repeatable and accurate results.

METTLER TOLEDO’s high-performance weight-based bottle-filling machines, dispensing and dosing controllers, balances and scales provide automated processes that are unmatched. Filling by weight has many advantages compared to volumetric filling with flowmeters or other similar devices. Filling machine advantages include enhanced accuracy, ease of calibration and the facilitation of statistical process control and traceability. This process fills a huge variety of materials while a corresponding variety of fillers are used.

1. What is filling equipment?
When containers are sold, they must comply with strict regulations governing allowable variations in net content. What is required is a filling-machine system that fills containers as required by law, but with minimal giveaway. To achieve this, filling machines, such as a bottle-filling machine or other bottling equipment, must be accurate and robust given the variables that occur in manufacturing environments where liquid-filling machines are located.

2. What is a filling machine?
Several filling machine types have evolved over time and continue to evolve as technological advancements grow. Liquid filling machines are popular in the cosmetics industry, for example, with automated gravimetric filling of high-viscosity liquids done on rotary or linear machines. These bottle-filling machines or bottling equipment feature arrays of weigh modules to fill several bottles in parallel, ensuring the role of the bottling equipment is precise. Even liquid-filling machines that are used for filling small volumes require high-accuracy weigh modules. The filling vials, tubes and syringes in manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and in cosmetics, for example, require compact but very accurate weigh modules. METTLER TOLEDO weigh modules and bottling equipment are tailored to the needs of machine builders, and are designed for easy mechanical, electrical and software integration.

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Filling Machine, Dosing and Dispensing
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