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Rainin E4 XLS, XLS+ - Instructions - Basic Mode


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Video Transcript:


In Basic, you can:

  • Aspirate & dispense a volume
  • Control aspiration & dispense speed

Sections in this video:

  • Set a Volume
  • Set Speed
  • View Quick Help
  • Aspirate and Dispense
  • Turn Off the Pipette

Press either button below the screen to switch on the pipette. It always starts up in Basic mode. 


To adjust volume or speed, move the joystick to the right. Note that the box around volume is illuminated. 

For all settings on this pipette, if a box is outlined like this, you can press the joystick in -- and then make changes. Press the joystick IN.

On this volume of the E4 XLS pipette, left and right decrease and increase volume by ten microliters. Up and down change it by two tenths.

For ANY setting, Left and Right make larger jumps, while up and down adjust in smaller increments.Press the joystick in to set the volume. 


The outlined box down to the next setting -- Speed. Press the joystick in to change the speed for aspirate and dispense. In Basic mode, one speed controls both. Speeds can be controlled separately in other modes -- like Advanced. Press Done to set the speed. And press Done again to run the volume.


Anytime-access to a quick refresher on the basics of operating this pipette is available by pressing the button under Help. 


Joystick up to aspirate. Joystick down, to dispense. 


To turn the pipette off, press the left button – Main, and move the joystick to Level Two. Press in. Joystick to the "Power Off" icon, and press in.

Push the left button – Continue – on the shutdown screen, and the pipette powers off.

You can adjust the Sleep Timeout setting in Setup mode. Sleep Timeout automatically shuts off the pipette after a set number of minutes.


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