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AutoRep Manual Pipette AR-S

Adjustable Repeating Pipettes.AutoRep™ S manual repeater pipette, for use in aliquot range 2 μL-5 mL. Uses Rainin Encode™ or Brand® PD-Tip® syringes or compatible syringes from other manufacturers (AR-S)

Complete Flexibility and Versatility

Precise and accurate, the AutoRep S saves time and effort, speeding up long pipetting series.

Precisely speed up long pipetting series

Lightweight, ergonomic design virtually eliminates all forces that contribute to repetitive strain injuries experienced in multi-dispense pipetting.

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Volume Range
2 µL – 5 mL
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Repeater Pipette Accessories AutoRep-E

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Repeater Pipette Accessories AutoRep-E

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AutoRep Manual Pipette AR-S
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