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StarWeigh XS Checkweigher

Laboratory Accuracy at Production Line Throughput 

A notable feature of the StarWeigh XS rotary stepper checkweigher is that it can be used without interrupting the production line by straddling the existing conveyor: extremely simple, fast and space saving integration. The StarWeigh XS operates in an intermittent weighing cycle with a rotary product flow - optimal for upright products with a small footprint.

The flexible product handling design, combined with the highly intuitive 15" colour touchscreen interface, reduces the time and effort required for product changes to an absolute minimum. Considerably less downtime. The starwheel ensures safe product handling and tracking and integrates product rejection within the intermittent rotary cycle.

The industry proven, modular design can be enhanced with the full range of software options and accessories available. It is particularly service friendly, cutting maintenance time to an absolute minimum and significantly reducing downtime.


Specifications - StarWeigh XS Checkweigher 

Load cellEMFR
Accuracy (at 3 Sigma)from ± 0.005g
Checkweighing rangeup to 2000g
Throughput (pcs./minute)max. 400
Approval"Weights and Measures" design-approval in certain countries / MID certifiable
Product preset memories200
Weight classification3 weight zones
Terminal screenBright, high contrast, 1024 x 768 pixel resolution color display
Standard sorting device

Rotary solenoid lever arm

Power110/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz, single phase, approx. 500 VA

Features and benefits

No need to cut the line

No additional space is required and no modification of your production line is necessary, as the StarWeigh XS is simply installed using the existing conveyor. Fast integration, which saves time and overall investment costs.

Static-intermittent weighing at high throughput

Multiple load cells split the overall workload, allowing more time for accurate weighing of each container. Increases accuracy without any losses in the line throughput rate.

Conforms to pharma requirements

Quick and easy integration into all applications where the weighing process needs to conform with pharmaceutical requirements (URS) such as CFR part 11, full traceability, audit trail and validation supporting documentation. This offers considerable time and money savings in all steps from planning through to commissioning.

Automatic re-zeroing

Debris or dirt will have no effect on your weighing results as each load cell is automatically re-zeroed once within each starwheel rotation. Ensures accurate weighing results, especially when weighing lightweight expensive products.

"No tools" starwheel changeover

Automatic raise/lower control gives easy access for a tool-free change of the starwheel, ensuring fast changeovers of container format and reducing downtime.

The wheel does it all

Timing, spacing and infeed are all regulated by the rotary wheel action - this is especially important for applications running at very high speed. Saves money and installation costs, as no additional or expensive timing device is required.

A wide range of configuration options, add-ons and accessories make our system your bespoke solution.



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StarWeigh XS Checkweigher


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StarWeigh XS Checkweigher


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