C35 AdvanceLine Chain Checkweigher

Chain checkweigher

Clean Solution for Difficult Cases 

Garvens chain checkweighers have a very robust design. State-of-the-art weighing technology, water ingress protection up to IP69K and stainless steel parts ensure trouble-free operation under harsh production conditions.

Various modular components for product transport, such as side-grip belts, infeed starwheels or timing screws for different product shapes and diameters, ensure optimum product infeed and outfeed. The wide range of options and accessories allows for technical solutions that meet the very specific criteria required for handling large volumes of canned, jarred and bottled products.

With the "auto setup" software wizard and the user friendly 15” touchscreen interface, very little training is required in setting up the menus. The multilingual user profile and product image functions ensure fast product changeover and fewer operator errors, resulting in a minimum of downtime.

Specifications - Chain checkweigher 

Load cellEMFR
Accuracy (at 3 Sigma)from ± 0.3g
Checkweighing rangeup to 3000g
Throughput (pcs./minute)max. 800
Approval"Weights and Measures" design-approval in certain countries / MID certifiable
Product preset memories200
Weight classification       three weight zones (or up to seven as an option)
Terminal screentouchscreen colour display, TFT 15", resolution 1024 x 768 pixel (XVGA)
Standardl sorting device

high-performance pusher

Power230 V (A.C.), 50 Hz, single-phase

Features and benefits

Evaluation of the production results

All production data and statistical information can be made available in real-time within your local network. Production and quality managers can access and review all relevant data from their desks. Enables rapid response to problems and facilitates preventive measures, thereby minimising downtime.

EMFR weighing cell

Electromagnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) technology ensures sustained accuracy over long periods of time and minimises weighing errors caused by changes in temperature and humidity. Reduces expensive giveaway, prevents underweight products from leaving the factory, protects your brand and ensures legal compliance.

SQC/SPC software compatibility and a large selection of data connection ports

Allows data communication with a wide range of optional software packages for complete production control, remote access and line optimisation, such as FreeWeigh.Net and ProdX. Increases line efficiency and reduces product giveaway.

User security access

Protects critical menu functions and features using a multi-level password and user profile system. Ensures production integrity for high value products and minimises operator errors.

Full measurement instruments directive (MID) conformity

The checkweigher is commissioned directly after installation and can be used in production almost immediately. 

A wide range of configuration options, add-ons and accessories make our system your bespoke solution.



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Chain checkweigher


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Chain checkweigher


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