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InTrac787 (Manual Operation, Industrial Chemical, Pulp and Paper Processes)

Chemical, as well as pulp and paper processes.

The InTrac787 retractable housing is designed for continuous in-line measurements in industrial processes including chemical and pulp & paper applications. The hot-tap design allows the sensor to be removed from a process line, tank, or vessel without interrupting the flow or draining the container when retracted through a ball valve.
المواصفات - InTrac787 (Manual Operation, Industrial Chemical, Pulp and Paper Processes)
Temperature range up to 130 °C (266 °F)
Pressure range (bar/psi) 0...9 bar (0...130 psi)
Wetted parts material AISI 316L stainless steel (3.1B)
O-ring material Viton® FDA
Immersion length variable from 0...300 mm / 0...12"
Adaption 1 1/2" NPT thread
Control pressure DN40, 1.5" NPT full port (316 ss/1.4401)
رقم/أرقام المواد 25673
VITON is a registered trademark of E. I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company Corporation
All METTLER TOLEDO 12 x 120 mm sensors with detachable cables may be used with the InTrac787. Integrated flushing ports allow an in-line rinsing of the electrode without removing it from the process.

The InTrac787 has been specially designed to meet customer specific application requirements by offering two versions for the process insertion tube. The standard housing features a sensor cage for added protection against sensor breakage and optional flushing ports for increased cleanability.

Features and Benefits
Sensor removable without process interruption
  • Continuous in-line measurement and still access to the sensor for calibration and maintenance without interrupting the process flow reduces cost and saves time.
Operating under harsh process and environmental conditions
  • Flushing port for in-line rinsing of sensors allows cleaning of the sensor without process interruption even in dirty and heavily contaminated solutions commonly found in the chemical process and the pulp & paper industry. This housing is also suitable for applications where fibers are present in the solution.
Enhanced safety
  • Safe process sealing due to a ball valve. Double O-ring process seals provide redundant protection.


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InTrac787 (Manual Operation, Industrial Chemical, Pulp and Paper Processes)
USP Class VI


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InTrac787 (Manual Operation, Industrial Chemical, Pulp and Paper Processes)
USP Class VI
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