Single Test Weights For Scales and Balances

Single Test Weights

Wide Range of Weights with the Highest Resistance to Corrosion

Our stainless steel test weights in the design of knob weights with and without adjusting cavities as well as wire or sheet weights in the milligram range are produced from the finest quality austenitic steel which offers the highest resistance to corrosion over a weight’s lifetime. Our unique manufacturing process involves melting the steel under vacuum (class E1), final-stage electrolytic polishing, fully automated cleaning processes, and final calibration using our mass comparators.

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Is it possible to purchase single test weights with or without a calibration certificate?

Yes, single test weights are available with or without a calibration certificate.

Are the miligram weights (mg) sheet or wire?

It depends on a weight class. E1, E2 are always wire weights, F1 can be selected from either wire or sheet weights, F2 and M1 are always sheet weights.

What is the OIML or ASTM class range of single test weights?

OIML classes range from E1 to M1 and ASTM Classes from 1 to 4.

Are single weights only monobloc weights or do they have an adjusting cavity?

Weights from E1, E2 Classes are always monobloc, F1 Class weights can be selected from either monobloc or with an adjustable cavity. On the other hand, F2 and M1 are always weights with an adjustable cavity.

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