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Microgram set small 0.05 mg - 0.5 mg

Microgram Weights.

Protective Storage

Easy to clean aluminum boxes protectweights against electrostatic charge.To avoid unintentional mis-storage ofweights, each box is laser marked withthe nominal value.

Nifty Tools

Handling microgram weights is achallenge.A specially developed set ofunique tools make daily usage easy andensure safe and proper handling.

Designed for Robots

For best measurement performance, thenew microgram weights are designed tofit METTLER TOLEDO’s “a5” comparatorperfectly. The design also allows manualcalibrations.

المواصفات - Microgram set small 0.05 mg - 0.5 mg
Accessories Included No
Box Aluminium box (included)
Calibration Certificate No
Content (set up) 0.05 mg – 0.5 mg (5 pieces)
Density p 2700 kg/m3 ±140 kg/m3
Design Wire
Material Aluminum
Nominal Value 0.05 mg – 0.5 mg
Tolerance 5 µg
رقم/أرقام المواد 30078804


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Microgram set small 0.05 mg - 0.5 mg

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