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Precision Balance MS8001TS/M00

Advanced Level Precision Balance: 8200 g capacity, 0.1 g readability, Legal for trade, 7'' touchscreen, full metal body, high-performance weighing cell, FACT, 11 applications, advanced connectivity and data management, easy to clean

المواصفات - Precision Balance MS8001TS/M00
Maximum Capacity
8,200 g
0.1 g
LAN; Optional WLAN/Bluetooth; RS232; USB Device; USB Host
Internal / FACT
Legal for Trade
Repeatability (typical)
0.07 g
Minimum Weight (U=1%, k=2), typical
14 g
Settling Time
1 s
Repeatability (Test Weight)
0.1 g (5,000 g)
Weighing Pan Dimensions (WxD)
226 mm x 190 mm
Minimum Weight (USP, 0.1%, typical)
140 g
Linearity ±
0.2 g
7" colour TFT touchscreen
Dimensions (DxHxW)
347 mm x 99 mm x 194 mm
Weighing; Back-weighing; Differential weighing; Check weighing; Totaling; Formulation; Density; Dynamic weighing; Percent weighing; Counting; Factor weighing
Balance Size (DxHxW)
347 mm x 99 mm x 94 mm
Battery operation
8,200 g
Data Management Support (numbers represent amount of "Stars")
Guaranteed Repeatability
0.1 g
Die-cast aluminum
Linearity, typically
0.06 g
AC Power supply
100 mg
Temperature accuracy (±)
3 ppm/°C
Weighing Pan Size ( DxW) or Diameter
226.00 mm x 190.00 mm
Readability (Certified)
1 g
Hygenic Design
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Precision Balance MS8001TS/M00
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