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Balance XSR105DU

Simplified Weighing Processes. XSR Analytical Balance, 41/120 g capacity, 0.01/0.1 mg readability, motorized draft shield, password-protected, automatic internal adjustment and LabX ready

Automatic Doors

The motorized draft shield doors simplify weighing processes and help to increase efficiency. The doors can be set to different degrees of automation.

Intuitive Operation

Integrated methods and the results protocol simplify your tasks. With clear icons and easy access menus, the color touchscreen is easy to operate.

Ergonomic Design

XSR analytical balances are optimally designed around the users' need for effortless manual dosing.

المواصفات - Balance XSR105DU
Maximum Capacity 120 g/41 g
Readability 0.1 mg; 0.01 mg
Repeatability (Test Weight) 0.02 mg (5 g)
Minimum Weight (USP, 0.1%, typical) 20 mg
Adjustment Internal / FACT
Weighing Pan Dimensions (WxD) 78 mm x 73 mm
Legal for Trade No
Settling Time 1.5 s
Repeatability (typical) 0.01 mg
Linearity ± 0.2 mg
Dimensions (DxHxW) 482 mm x 292 mm x 195 mm
Guaranteed Repeatability 0.02 mg
رقم/أرقام المواد 30355435

Effortless Connectivity

Connecting to a data system is easy as plugging in a cable. With easy, error-free data transfer and full compatibility with ENB/ERP and LIMS, XSR balances fit perfectly into your existing information system.

Easy Cleaning

All parts of the balance draft shield and the SmartGrid weighing pan can be disassembled in seconds and cleaned in the laboratory dishwasher, minimizing cross-contamination and ensuring user safety.

Automatic Data Handling with LabX

LabX® software provides flexible SOP user guidance on the balance touchscreen. With automatic data handling, calculations and reports, balances powered by LabX easily fulfill the highest process security and traceability requirements.

One-step Dosing with ErgoClips

ErgoClips are easy to install and enable you to dose directly into your tare vessels in one easy step. Weighing paper is eliminated and dosing is more ergonomic.


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ورقة البيانات

Datasheet: XSR Analytical Balances
XSR analytical balances deliver the high weighing accuracy you want whilst providing the convenient operation you need.

وثائق المنتج

User Manual: XPR & XSR Analytical Balances
Easy reference guide to help you quickly set-up and start using your XPR & XSR Analytical Balances.
Reference Manual: XSR Balances
The balances of the XSR line combine a large number of weighing and adjustment possibilities with exceptionally convenient operation.
Reference Manual: MT-SICS Interface Commands for XPR and XSR Balances
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Balance XSR105DU


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Balance XSR105DU

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