ErgoClip Quantos with adapters - نظرة عامة - METTLER TOLEDO

ErgoClip Quantos and vial adapters

Direct Substance Dosing.Tare container holder for small glass vials with a diameter of 10.3 - 21mm to use on XPE/XS analytical balances

Weigh Directly into Tare Containers

The ErgoClip securely holds the vial for the most accurate and safe dosing of extremely small sample amounts.

Fast and Safe Dosing

ErgoClips can be easily assembled on all XPE/XSE/XS analytical balances, allowing one step dosing directly into the tare container.

Accurate Weighing

Say Goodbye to weighing paper! Dosing directly into the tare container eliminates transfer errors and saves money by minimizing sample loss.

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ErgoClip Quantos with adapters
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