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Product Information

Simple Data Management With EasyDirect™ Moisture Software
Connect your moisture analyzers to EasyDirect Moisture PC Software and improve the management and handling of your data. Installation and setup are si...
EasyDirect™ Moisture Installation Instructions
EasyDirect™ Moisture is a PC software that enables you to collect and manage your data from the following instruments: HX204, HS153, HC103
Reduced moisture measurement time. Fast moisture analysis with QuickPredict
Find out how to reduce moisture measurement time with QuickPredict software on Halogen Moisture Analyzers and to speed up decision making to save time...

Release Charts

Software Release Chart – Halogen Moisture Analyzer HS153 and HX204
The software release chart outlines the software changes made in each software version released for the HS153 and HX204 moisture analyzers.
Software Release Chart – Halogen Moisture Analyzer HC103
The information contained in this document has been collected to the best of our knowledge and represents the latest update of the HC103 Firmware Rele...
EasyDirect™ Moisture Release Notes
The software release notes outline the software changes made in each software version released for the EasyDirect™ Moisture



1. How can I collect data and results from multiple instruments?

Take these three steps for receiving the results from multiple instruments:

  1. Set up the instrument for data transfer to EasyDirect Moisture by defining EasyDirect as a peripheral. 
  2. Connect the instrument to the PC using a USB (A-B) or RS232 cable. EasyDirect will automatically detect a USB connection. The instrument will need to be added manually for an RS232 connection.
  3. Give each instrument a unique identifier or use the suggestion from EasyDirect.

Now, you are automatically collecting all measurement results and all test and adjustment results from the moisture analyzers in the EasyDirect database.


2. What are the advantages of using EasyDirect Moisture PC Software?

These are the main benefits of EasyDirect Moisture:

  • Central data collection and storage in an SQL database
  • Ability to filter and review results
  • Combine results from different instruments for visualization and statistics
  • Create reports in various formats (CSV, PDF, XML) or print on network printer
  • Monitor instrument status
  • Routine testing and service reminders

These features allow you to create an optimized workflow and maintenance schedule that in turn helps you to create optimized processes.


3. How can I print results?

There are several options available:

  1. You can connect a strip printer to all METTLER TOLEDO moisture analyzers.
  2. With HX204 and HS153, you can connect a page printer (USB).
  3. With HX204 and HS153, you can connect a network printer via Ethernet or WiFi.

You can print results from EasyDirect Moisture on a page printer that is connected to the PC that is running EasyDirect Moisture. Be aware that results are not transferred to both EasyDirect Moisture and a strip printer in parallel.


4. In which file formats can I export results from EasyDirect Moisture?

Results can be exported as an Excel-compatible CSV file, a PDF file or an XML file. The XML file is perfect for LIMS integration.


5. Which instruments can I connect to EasyDirect Moisture?

EasyDirect Moisture is compatible with the following instruments and software versions:

  • HX204 (V2.31 or higher)
  • HS153 (V2.31 or higher)
  • HC103 (V1.50 or higher)


6. How many moisture analyzers can I connect?

Up to five moisture analyzers (HX204, HS153 or HC103) can be connected.


7. How do I connect my moisture analyzer to EasyDirect Moisture?

Connection from the instrument to the PC is possible via USB (A-B cable) or RS232 (9-pin) interface. The advantage of USB is that EasyDirect Moisture automatically recognizes the instrument (plug and connect).

If you connect many instruments to EasyDirect Moisture, a USB hub or an RS232 hub is helpful to provide the necessary number of PC ports.


8. How does the routine testing reminder function work?

It is important to frequently perform routine testing and monitor the status of such tests to help ensure accuracy.

It is important to test:

  1. the weighing unit using a calibrated test weight,
  2. the heating unit with a temperature kit, and
  3. the overall instrument performance with SmartCal.

In EasyDirect Moisture, you can define the frequency for each test, e.g. monthly. When a test is due, a pop-up reminder will appear on the PC.

Every test result is automatically transferred to EasyDirect. If the test is successful, the status of the instrument changes to "green" which means everything is okay and the instrument is running as it should. You will be reminded to perform the test again after the defined time period.

Many users have a service contract for their instruments, and the next service date is written in the instrument information. EasyDirect Moisture reads out this service date and reminds you a defined time period before the service is due, e.g. 30 days. This allows you enough time to schedule the service visit.

EasyDirect Moisture offers full flexibility on testing and service frequency. You are able to configure test frequencies for each instrument you run. You also have the option to activate or deactivate the reminder function for every test separately.


9. Where can I find the latest instrument software for HX204, HS153 and HC103?

Download the latest software here:


10. What are the benefits of using the latest instrument software?

When you keep your moisture analyzer up-to-date by safely and quickly upgrading to the latest software, you enjoy enhancements such as new features, improved functionality and fixed bugs. These upgrades improve your moisture-analyzer performance and stability, which in turn improves the quality of your analyses and products.


11. How long does it take to perform the upgrade?

The upgrade usually requires about 5 minutes. If you are running a software version that is more than one generation back, the upgrade may take a bit longer.

Either way, it is important to allow enough time and wait until the upgrade is finished. Please do not unplug the power cable or USB drive during the upgrade.


12. What actions should I take before upgrading?

We recommend performing a data and settings backup prior to upgrading as a safeguard. For a detailed backup procedure, please read the upgrade instructions.

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