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Base InMotion Flex

Flexible efficient automation.The InMotionTM Flex manages sample loads from 11 large beakers (250 mL) up to 50 small glass tubes (25 mL) and combinations in between. Includes all modularity, flexibility, and options of the InMotion line.

Maximum Productivity

Designed to maximize throughput in minimal space, InMotion Autosamplers increase productivity in the smallest possible bench area for busy labs.

Flexible Automation

Use flexible intuitive method programming to customize your workflows. Prepare, condition, maintain, and clean, also with parallel tasks.

Let us do the Cleaning

All InMotion Autosamplers include a PowerShowerTM and conditioning sequences for effective automated cleaning plus sensor maintenance and storage.

المواصفات - Base InMotion Flex
Number of Samples - 25 mL 50
Number of Samples - 80 mL 27
Number of Samples - 100 mL 18
Number of Samples - 180 mL 15
Number of Samples - 250 mL 11
Rack Diameter 42 cm
Rack Material polypropylene
Type Automation
Additional Tower Yes (not with 25 mL rack)
Barcode Reader Yes
Karl Fischer Direct Kit Yes (100 mL only)
Magnetic Stirrer Yes
PowerShowerTM rinsing Yes
SmartSampleTM kit Yes
Chemical Oxygen Demand Kit Yes (100mL only)
رقم/أرقام المواد 30094121

Modular Solutions

Custom build your InMotion for specific sample needs. Add extra pumps, CoverUpTM for protecting samples, water bath temperature control and more.

One Autosampler for many Instruments

InMotion can connect to any METTLER TOLEDO Excellence titrator, density meter, refractometer, UV/VIS spectrophotometer, or pH meter. Simplify lab operations with a single autosampler connected to multiple One Click® instruments.

Visual Status Report

One glance at the tall, clear LED indicator light on the InMotion tower tells you if analyses are still running, the sequence needs attention, or is ready to run more samples.


Automated Sample ID Reading

رقم المادة: 30094235

For Safe, Accurate and Efficient COD Analysis

رقم المادة: 30094249

Automated Direct Karl Fischer Content Determination

رقم المادة: 30094250

رقم المادة: 30094126

رقم المادة: 30094127

رقم المادة: 30094128

رقم المادة: 30094124

رقم المادة: 30094125

رقم المادة: 30094139

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Base InMotion Flex
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