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pH Sensor DGi116-Solvent

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Application Power

The DGi116-Solvent is a versatile combination glass pH sensor with moveable ground glass diaphragm for non-aqueous acid/base applications.

Plug & Play

All relevant sensor data are saved on a chip and automatically recognized by the titrator. Using the wrong sensor is impossible.

المواصفات - pH Sensor DGi116-Solvent
pH measuring range
0 – 12
Reference System
Temperature Range
32 °F – 140 °F (0 °C – 60 °C)
رقم/أرقام المواد
Especially suitable for acid/base titrations that require fast response times and quick signal equilibration in nonaqueous matrices:
  • TAN/TBN determinations in oil products according to oil standards
  • Titrations using perchloric acid, cyclohexylamin and alcoholic HCl as titrants
  • Titrations using alcoholic KOH, NaOH, TBAOH and Namethylate as titrants
  • Epoxy number in epoxy resin
  • Acid value in polymers
  • Free fatty acids in oil or fat
  • Saponification number in resin
Features and Benefits
  • Sensor Chip
  • Spherical A41 glass membrane of low resistance for fast and sensitive pH response and chemical resistance.
  • Easy-to-clean glass sleeve junction providing a uniform electrolyte flow
  • ARGENTHAL™/LiCl reference system
  • Refillable reference electrolyte: 1 mol/L LiCl in Ethanol
  • Gold shielding for efficient electric and static shielding
  • Refillable reference electrolyte (1 mol/L LiCl)


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pH Sensor DGi116-Solvent
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