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Titrator Compact C20SD

Coulometric KF titrator with diaphragm. C20S Compact Karl Fischer Coulometric with diaphragm

Solid Compliance

In regulated environments, LabX software provides full support for your compliance needs to 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11.

Robust Design, Accurate Results

Special titration cell design minimizes ambient moisture interference for a low background drift value, ensuring accurate and repeatable measurements.

One Click User Interface

With the intuitive One Click touchscreen interface, you may customize the home screen to run your workflows quickly and easily with a single tap on the screen.

المواصفات - Titrator Compact C20SD
Max. Number of Methods 5
LabX Software Express and Server
Shortcuts per user 12
User-Defined Calculations No
Application Type KF Coulometric
Automation Option(s) None
Barcode Reader Connection Yes (USB)
Display Full-color 5.7 in VGA, touch screen
Drying Oven Option DO308 (manual)
Generator Cell With diaphragm
Karl Fischer titration Yes
Liquid Monitoring Option No
Measurement Range 1 ppm – 5 %
One Click® User Interface Yes
Parallel Titration No
Plug & Play Features Sensors
Printer Connection Yes (USB)
Solvent Manager Option Yes
User Rights and Management Predefined "Expert" and "Routine" roles
Languages Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
رقم/أرقام المواد 30252661

Diaphragm for Difficult Samples

The C20SD includes a cell diaphragm for the highest accuracy, very low water samples (< 50 μg), nitro compounds or reducible unsaturated hydrocarbons.

Safe Chemical Handling

Reduce user contact with chemicals by automatically draining and refilling the titrator cell and preventing waste overflow with dedicated accessories.

Secure Operation

Designate "Expert" and "Routine" user groups to allow full or limited access to titrator operations. A simple intuitive interface prevents differences or errors between users.

Manual Oven Option

Add a DO308 manual drying oven to fully release water from tricky samples. For single solid, viscous or poorly soluble samples like powders, granules, plastics, fibers, pastes, wool, tar, coal, and more.


Safe and easy water release
Handles sticky samples easily
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Titrator Compact C20SD

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