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Easy Control Box (ECB)

Connect any Sensor and Pump. The ECB extends EasyMax, OptiMax and RX-10 reactor systems with automated control of dosings and capabilities to capture data from 3rd party sensors.

Dosing Control Capabilities

Connect easily and quickly commercially available pumps and balances to the ECB for automated pre-programmed gravimetric or volumetric dosing.

Plug& Play with SmartConnect Technology

Sensors and control elements are automatically recognized when connecting to the ECB making the configuration of the reactor systems a breeze.

Capture and Store Sensor data

Automated data capture, storage and report generation enable instantaneous experiment evaluation and comparison to take better decisions faster.

Easy Control Box
  • Connect pumps and balances for safe controlled gravimetric dosing  - Connect commercially-available pumps and balances to the ECB for automated pre-programmed gravimetric dosing.  Linking temperature with dosing control enables reagent addition to stop in dangerous exothermic situations. Experiments can truly run unattended, allowing more experiments to be performed under safe conditions.

  • SmartConnect technology for smarter experiments - SmartConnect™ makes connections with existing analog sensors truly plug-and-play. The sensor calibration and configuration data are stored on an integrated chip ensuring measurements are always performed accurately and precisely applying the current sensor calibration data.

  • Capture and store sensor data along with all process parameters  - Data from any analog sensor, such as mass flow, pressure, temperature or turbidity are captured and stored in the experiment file together with other key process parameters. Additional sensor data leads to more knowledge about the reaction and better decisions to speed process development.

  • When pH control becomes important - Measuring and controlling pH precisely is essential for numerous applications. The plug-and-play pH module enhances the capabilities of the ECB significantly, enabling pH measurement and control from 50 mL up to multiple liters.
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Dimensions (LxHxW) 110 mm x 215 mm x 152 mm
Inputs Pt100; 0-20 mA; 4-20 mA; -10 to +10 V
Outputs 0-20 mA; 4 – 20mA; 0 – 10 V; PWM; Frequency; TTL
Dimensions (HxLxW) 215 mm x 110 mm x 152 mm
pH With SevenExcellence pH/mV expansion unit
Ports 4 x inputs; 4 x. outputs; 2 x RS232 for balances
Weight 2.5 kg
رقم/أرقام المواد 30212440

User-Friendly, Automated and Data Management

Thanks to the plug-and-play capability, the ECB can be integrated with METTLER TOLEDO Reactor Systems for Chemical Synthesis or the RX-10 Reactor Control unit and extends the range of applications.  Various SmartConnect cables are available to connect analog laboratory devices, sensors or pumps  to the ECB. Experiment control is simple and carried out from a state-of-art touchscreen or the PC iControl Software. Experimental data, configuration and events are consistently recorded throughout the entire experiment ready to be reviewed any time during or after the experiment. Secure data capturing ensures that no information gets lost and no experiments are wasted.

ECB - Easy Control Box
ECB - Easy Control Box


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ECB: Easy Control Box
ECB is a sensor and control box that connects to touchscreen-based reactor systems to make real-time measurements and controlled dosing available to n...

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Easy Control Box (ECB)


Improve Process Development
EasyMax 402 HFCal (Heat Flow Calorimeter) is a reaction calorimeter for chemical development and safety screening.
Characterize Processes, Optimize Chemistry
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Easy Control Box (ECB)
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