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Model PFK988-E3000

Unprecedented Accuracy.High Precision Floor Scale

High Precision Weighing

The outstanding metrology is a result of the load cell with integrated Monobloc technology and of a high precision mechanical design.

Reliable In Harsh Conditions

The robust design of the platform body ensures reliable measurements at the highest precision.

Fast Weighing Processes

Industry-leading stabilization time and up to 92 updates per second make the platform suitable for high-speed weighing processes.

المواصفات - Model PFK988-E3000
Maximum Capacity
3,000 kg (6,000 lb)
5 g (0.01 lb)
Readability (Certified)
200 g
10 g (0.022 lb)
Platform Size (LxHxW)
1,500 mm x 182 mm x 1,250 mm (59 in x 7.2 in x 49 in)
Hot dip galvanized
Protection Rating
IP66; IP68
Dimensions (Width)
49 in
Hazardous Approval
Optional; IECEX Gb/Db or Gc/Dc; ATEX Cat. 2GD or Cat. 3GD; FM Class I, II, III/Div 1 or Div 2; other local approvals
Scale Interface
0.01 lb
Repeatability, typical
10 g
Repeatability (typical)
0.02205 lb
Readability (Certified) Standard
100 g; 200 g; 500 g
Floor Scale Type
High-Precision Floor Scales; All Floor Scales
Hazardous Area
Non-hazardous area; Zone 1/21; Zone 2/22; Division 2; Division 1
Legal for Trade
Wet & Harsh Wet (>/=IP66)
Dimensions/Platform Size
from 41" to 59.9"; from 1,001 to 1,500 mm
Performance Optimization
For Best Performance: High resolution monobloc load cell; Easy Scale Leveling: For fast & precise leveling; FACT: Fully automated calibration
Compliance Support
Hygienic Designed: Easy to Clean; GMP certified: Documented compliance for regulated environments
For High Precision Weighing: The correct result at any time; Plug & Play Functionality: Ready to weigh straight from the box; Rugged and Durable: Built to last; Digital Platform: For demanding tasks in wet environment
Platform Type
Floor Platform
Legal for Trade Class OIML
Class II
Zero Return (typical)
12 g (0.0264 lb)
Error of Indication at half load (typical)
40 g (0.088 lb)
Hysteresis (typical)
7 g (0.0154 lb)
Eccentric Load Deviation at 1/3 of Full Load (typical) (Metric)
105 g
Eccentric Load Deviation at 1/3 of Full Load (typical)
0.231 lb
Error of Indication at full load (typical)
50 g (0.11 lb)
EasyPrint Name
Hygienic Design
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* with SICSpro adapter


Documentation for PFK979-D1500


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Model PFK988-E3000
Hazardous Area
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