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InSite SL Data Communication Software

The InSite® SL application is used to save the values of various terminal setup parameters and restore them at a later date, or to copy configurations and files to other terminals.

This software is provided as a free download to registered users, from the InSite download page. Once registered, InSite users are notified when updated software is available.

InSite SL is used to perform the following:

  • Extract the current configuration from a connected terminal and save it as a file locally
  • Load a saved configuration into a connected terminal


InSite SL can be used with these industrial terminals:

  • ICS 4x9 and 6x9
  • IND226x
  • IND131/IND331
  • IND560
  • IND560fill
  • IND560 PDX
  • IND570
  • IND780
  • IND780drive
  • IND890


Industrial Terminals that use InSite SL

شاشات الوزن المتقدمة IND780
تعمل شاشة IND780 متعددة القنوات وتلخص حتى أربعة موازين لملاءمة جميع تطبيقات قياس الوزن القائمة على أي عملية أو معاملة بهدف تحقيق أقصى إنتاجية.


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InSite SL Data Communication Software
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