UC-HTT-M VCO - منتج متوقف

High-end PC scale with large customer screen

The high-end UC-HTT-M VCO PC scale with large customer screen is the first choice for anyone looking to boost their sales of fresh foods. With its fast processor, high level of RAM, and large hard drive, the counter scale has enough reserves for even the most demanding of applications. Thanks to its 12.1-inch customer screen and touchscreen with brilliant backlit LED technology, the UC-HTT-M VCO is the perfect choice for emotionally and visually stimulating sales at the service counter. The optional real-time access to fresh produce information also increases your staff's ability to give advice during the sales process – knowledge that pays off.

The UC-HTT-M VCO is available with black and silver housings.

Discontinued since: Apr, 2020

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