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Medac Serialises Products for Safety

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Are you prepared for global serialisation? Medac is.

Medac uses a Garvens XS2 MV to create the traceable pedigree of each product. The company chose the system for its compact size and the excellent product handling. The case study shows the application Medac is using and which challenges Garvens had to accomodate.

Counterfeit pharmaceutical products represent a high risk for the manufacturers of the originals, and an even greater one for consumers. For some years, one of the effective countermeasures relating to the pharmaceutical industry has been product serialisation. By using codes such as the data matrix code and other inscriptions, this technique creates the traceable pedigree, so to speak, of each product that comes to market.

Pharmaceutical company Medac successfully achieves product serialisation with the combination of a precise checkweigher and a marking system.

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