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Auto Industry Relies on High-Performance Weighing

A global supplier of safety systems for the automotive industry relies on easy-to-integrate weigh modules to produce gas generators for the deployment of airbags. Configuration software speeds up installation and maximizes throughput.

TRW Automotive is one of the world‘s largest automotive suppliers. The company does business with more than 40 major vehicle manufacturers and provides equipment for approximately 250 different vehicle models. The leading company in the field of vehicle safety produces advanced brake, steering, suspension and passenger-protection systems. TRW is also one of the leading global companies in the design, development and production of gas generators for the entire range of airbag systems.

The propellant for the gas generators for ultra-fast deployment of the airbag is delivered in the form of tablets. The smallest tablets weigh a couple of milligrams. The largest tablets weigh up to 200 milligrams. Ultimately, the quantity of propellant in tablet form must be placed in the gas generator of the airbag using precise methods provided by the weighing technology.

High-precision weigh module

TRW developed and built the machine for placing the tablets in the gas generator themselves. Their engineers decided to use the high-precision WMS weigh modules from METTLER TOLEDO to weigh the tablets. They connected the weigh module via the ConBlock and Fieldbus Module to the programmable logic controller (PLC).

The family of WMS weigh modules consist of 8 models with capacities from 120 to 6200 grams and readabilities from 0.1mg to 10mg. TRW's engineers chose this weigh module because it is precise and can be easily integrated, mechanically and electrically, into the machine.

Auto Industry Relies on High-Performance Weighing
Auto Industry Relies on High-Performance Weighing

The ConBlock module offers permanent service access, which allows online analysis of the data exchange between the weigh module and the PLC. Digital inputs and outputs enable direct control of the filling process.

Auto Industry Relies on High-Performance Weighing
Auto Industry Relies on High-Performance Weighing

The APW-Link™ software is an easy-to-use configuration tool for fast and comfortable commissioning and maintenance of high-precision weigh modules. The software records and displays weight values in graphical charts. A zoom function allows a close look. This facilitates optimization of weighing processes.

Easy installation and high performance
The high precision of the WMS weigh module, combined with fast data transmission, reduces efforts for achieving consistent quality and allows for high throughput in the production process.

The ease of integrating the WMS weigh module and the ergonomic APW-Link™ configuration software made the engineers' task significantly less complicated.

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