Pallet measuring solutions from METTLER TOLEDO
Freight Automation
Learn more about the move towards automation in the freight industry

While the parcel industry has been using automatic weighing and dimensioning for years, the freight industry has been slower to adopt this technology.

Now, driven by increasing costs and challenging margins, the European freight industry is beginning to adopt automatic weighing and dimensioning to optimize processes and ensure productivity and profitability targets are met.

The Challenge

  • In freight handling, often there just isn't time to weigh and measure. By skipping this critical step, however, carriers lose out on potential revenue recovery, which in turn affects top-line profit.

  • By automating the weighing and measuring process, revenue recovery becomes a seamless part of operations. Each pallet that is handled is checked. Invoices are automatically adjusted, and the carrier gets paid properly for the actual cost of transport.

The Solution

METTLER TOLEDO offers a full range of automatic weighing and measuring solutions for freight companies seeking to speed up and ensure profitable logistics. See how our smart solutions are revolutionizing freight handling to offer you:

  • Fastest measuring times
  • Integrated weighing and dimensioning
  • Easy measurement of any pallet
  • Solutions for different throughputs