Flexible dynamic scales offer ease-of-integration from METTLER TOLEDO
High-speed scales
Learn more about the benefits of an integrated pallet DWS solution

Quick access to designs for efficient project planning
Systems are designed using a special confifurator tool, which is used to generate a drawing and specification. Quick, easy access to this information facilitates project planning.

Easy cross-border project implementation
All documentation and user interfaces are translated into 32 standard languages. This makes it easy for system integrators working internationally to install equipment and support cross-border projects.


Cost-effective integration into any sorting system
A wide variety of standard design configurations, interfaces, protocols and featues means that little restructuring, re-engineering or changes to IT infrastructure are required.

Once your weighing system is up and running, advanced filter technology and rugged system design minimize disturbances that affect accuracy in tough conditons. Weigh at speeds up to three meters per second and ensure high-speed data communication with the sorter using a real-time controller. Data drop is configurable, ensuring full compatibility with different sorting requirements.

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