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Bottle Kits QuickFlow 4L

Collecting Bottle for Benchtop Aspirator. QuickFlow 4-liter Bottle Kit. 4-liter bottle, cap with quick-snap connectors, additional closed cap, sturdy metal carrying handle.

Improve efficiency

This bottle and cap with connectors enables seamless continuation of work when a full bottle is removed for autoclaving.

Expand capacity

An extra bottle offers higher productivity to your workflow.

Durable bottle

Made of thick, sturdy plastic, our bottle and cap protect against contamination and stand up to frequent autoclaving.

Specifications - Bottle Kits QuickFlow 4L
Material Number(s) 30524505


Rainin QuickFlow Vacuum Aspiration System

Aspirator QuickFlow 4L EN
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Bottle Kits QuickFlow 4L
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