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Electronic Pipette AR-E1

Adjustable Repeating Pipettes. AutoRep™ E electronic repeater pipette, for use in aliquot range 1 μL-50 mL. Recognizes Rainin Encode™ syringes, also uses compatible syringes from other manufacturers (AR-E1)

Complete Flexibility and Versatility

Precise and accurate, the microprocessor-controlled AutoRep E saves time and effort, speeding up long pipetting series.

Ergonomic and easy to use

Lightweight, ergonomic design virtually eliminates all forces that contribute to repetitive strain injuries experienced in multi-dispense pipetting.

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Specifications - Electronic Pipette AR-E1
Volume Range 1 µL – 50 mL
Quantity 1 pcs
Material Number(s) 17000723


Repeater Pipette Accessories AutoRep-E

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Electronic Pipette AR-E1
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