Green Pak Refills | Eco Friendly Pipette Tip Packaging | 75% Less Waste
GreenPak Refills

Green Pak Refills

Sealed single-rack refills

Compatibility note

The refill system shown here won't work with traditional Rainin removable cover racks.

Products and Specs

Green-Pak products and specifications

Products and Specs
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Max. Capacity
Order No.
Material No.: 17002419
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Description960 tips in 10 refills
Max. Capacity10 μL
Order No.17002419
Rack LTS 250 µL Green 10/Pkg GPR-L250
Rack LTS 250 µL Green 10/Pkg GPR-L250

Empty racks/lids, green, 10

Description Empty racks/lids, green, 10
Max. Capacity 200 μL
Order No. 17001863
Material No.: 17001863
DescriptionEmpty racks/lids, green, 10
Max. Capacity200 μL
Order No.17001863
Rack LTS 1000 µL Blue 8/PK GPR-L1000
Rack LTS 1000 µL Blue 8/PK GPR-L1000

Empty racks/lids, blue, 8

Description Empty racks/lids, blue, 8
Max. Capacity 1000 μL
Order No. 17001864
Material No.: 17001864
DescriptionEmpty racks/lids, blue, 8
Max. Capacity1000 μL
Order No.17001864


Green-Pak technical documentation

Product Brochures

LTS LiteTouch System Product Brochure
By virtually eliminating friction, the Rainin LiteTouch System dramatically reduces the amount of force required to load and eject tips.
Rainin LR Low Rentention Tips Brochure
Learn how Rainin LR low retention tips improve pipetting accuracy by minimizing residual volume, particularly when transferring liquids such as viscou...

White Papers

sterile vs non sterile pipette tips
This white paper proves how there is essentially zero possibility for any Rainin pipette tip to contribute contaminants to customer samples.
Comparative Carbon Footprints Terrarack
METTLER TOLEDO Rainin is the pioneer of high purity ‘BioClean’ tips, creating a range of super-clean tips which are certified to be free of biological...
Counteracting Liquid Retention in Tips Benefits of Using Low Retention Tips
This white paper shows that Rainin LR tips are capable of “normalizing” the performance of liquids with diverse compositions and physical properties d...
How To Choose a Good Pipette Tip
Download an introduction and detailed advice on what to look for when choosing a good pipette tip, i.e., a tip that does not influence the experiment'...


Using Rainin BioClean Ultra Hinged Lid Racks
Rainin hinged-lid pipette tip racks are designed to fit a range of workflows.The videos below offer a quick look at working with this versatile pipett...


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